Why use joomla?

Joomla is an award-winning CMS that allows you to build websites and powerful online applications. In the past 13 years, Joomla has won nearly 20 awards. You can download the source code. With a code base designed to be robust, Joomla also has built-in two-factor authentication and extensive levels of access control out of the box.

Joomla's dedicated security attack team always strives to be at the forefront and has a reputation for releasing patches before exploits are widely known in the wild. With more than 70 translation packages available for the core and out-of-the-box support for multilingual content management and language associations, creating multilingual websites with Joomla is a simple and straightforward process. In addition, the website works with K2, a powerful content extension, which allows users to create the content of a website easily, but also provides a great tool for publishing the latest news, sharing information, displaying photos and more. It has built-in two-factor authentication and extensive levels of access control.

Customer engagement is no longer a series of unique experiences, but an ongoing dialogue. That's why real-time interaction is so important to your business. So, use live chat with visitors to your Joomla website with Paldesk Live Chat. For content management, Joomla is clearly a winner in the CMS market.

Joomla allows many more native content types than its closest competitors, in the form of modules, articles, menus, menu items, and more.