Does joomla cost money?

Joomla doesn't offer a free trial. What are the main features of Joomla CMS? This is where Joomla really shines, since it costs zero dollars and zero cents, thanks to its open source nature. You are free to own your site, modify it and use open source code and extensions without worrying about licenses or fees. In addition, there are some web hosting providers that offer free domain names for your Joomla shared hosting.

Joomla has powerful SEO tools created and ready to use -Metadata and Keywords -Mod_Rewrite support for SEF URLs -Creation of menus created with the idea of creating clear and consistent sitemaps. Joomla has many powerful SEO tools created and ready to use to help your website increase traffic and SEO ranking. The cost of a domain name can never be fixed, it depends entirely on the domain extension you choose. The above are all the mandatory things you should keep in mind when creating your Joomla e-commerce website.

Without a doubt, WordPress with a CMS market share of 41.7% shines in the development universe, Joomla is also becoming its closest competitor, which continues to maintain its fair shadow around the world. Just as you consider your budget to buy something, in the same way you have to make sure you consider the budget when developing your Joomla website. In the competitive world of website builders and content management systems, one of the original actors is Joomla. If you want to create business, e-commerce and custom websites, then Joomla is the best CMS to choose from.

Once you have a unique domain name and hosting, take a step forward to choose the Joomla extensions you have to pay for, as mentioned above. With a code base designed to develop robust applications, Joomla also has built-in two-factor authentication and inclusive access control levels out of the box. Joomla is definitely a basic creator, but despite its limited scope, there are some features worth bragging about. They have been created for various purposes and differ in the costs of their creation and technical maintenance.

Since your goal is a Joomla e-commerce website, it is essential to obtain an SSL certificate, since you need to protect users' personal data, such as credit card information, account and password, etc. Let's say you need a Joomla website for your business to be able to expand its reach further of the limits.