Is joomla still alive?

While Joomla is still in second place and won't be gone any time soon, there is something to be said for choosing a growing content management system when you look to the future. It's been hell trying to use Joomla's dumb extension updater because real-world sites don't tend to have a scheme that fits the stated version. The idea of Joomla 5 is fine, but first let's get people excited about Joomla 4 by gaining market share, ease of use and, above all, that the administration of the CMS does not represent a major problem for users, making it easy is a guarantee of winning people for the community. Against all odds, Joomla has gained the continued trust of some of the giant business organizations, which in itself is a testament to the fact that Joomla is still there and still relevant.

So how much of the Internet is Joomla? About 2.2% of all websites in the world work on it, which sounds small only until you realize how massive the global network is. The goal of today's article is to help newbies who are on their way to finding a good CMS to make an informed decision before they retire from Joomla by listening to the myths. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of those areas, where Joomla tends to perform quite poorly compared to other CMS, especially WordPress. J and Beyond is a conference aimed primarily at developers and integrators of Joomla sites and is held in Europe around May every year.

However, I am concerned that once again the focus seems to be on issues that I don't think are important to real Joomla users. Not only is it highly customizable as a CMS, but it's now easier and more efficient to work with Joomla than ever before. And whoever said that you can't achieve a fully functional website with Joomla is probably still living in the past. Although WordPress sites have also faced their fair share of security vulnerabilities over the years, I had a theory for the perceived decline in Joomla adoption.

Therefore, extension developers should be able to make the necessary adjustments in Joomla 5 at an early stage. Other software features (whether natively installable extensions using the Joomla framework or via software bridges) extend a website's range of applications to include discussion forums, photo galleries, e-commerce, user communities, and many other web-based applications. I know the core developers of Joomla personally, I understand their opinions and decisions, I appreciate their work - I just have a different opinion on Joomla routing. From the results of this search, it seems that the worldwide interest in Joomla agencies is also quite constant.