Joomla search?

AJAX Search is a live search module for Joomla to filter and display the best search results as you type. The fundamental difference between Joomla's top searches is its ability to provide search results in real time. If you create a module with the main search, the search box will only display the results after a user clicks the search button. However, if you use Smart Search, users will get results as they type in the search box.

Filter and search module for Joomla article content, Joomla contacts, J2Store, SP Page Builder pages. OS PDF Indexer is a joomla extension to allow indexing and searching based on the content of the pdf documents of your Joomla site. It only indexes and saves information in the database for Joomla Search to perform the search operation. Joomla's search feature comes to the rescue here, allowing users to quickly and conveniently locate content.

Mijo Search comes with great features such as searching statistics, adding additional fields, and supporting other Joomla search plugins. Joomla's default search feature has limited settings and may not be optimal for users looking for larger websites. This is a very powerful and versatile software that will render many types of documents for Joomla sites. The default Joomla site will not display the search bar in the interface until you enable the search plugin and display it.

In this table, you can also see the Smart Search plugins, which integrate more advanced settings for Joomla basic search. The search bar is an invaluable feature for your Joomla site that helps you create the best user experience and keep visitors on your site longer. Stay up-to-dateThe component comes with two plugins with activation features during the content creation process of Joomla components and immediately updates the ElasticSearch index. So, to improve the user experience and maximize search capabilities on sites, you can use Joomla smart search or a Joomla search extension.

It will help you to embed a search module, or any other module, in the Joomla top menu. If you want to store the search results of the Joomla site, you will need to enable the 'Collect search statistics' option. Except that if you're looking for an ad-free search plugin for your Joomla website, ExpertRec is ideal. This module can filter and search your Joomla content by custom fields, filter your content by keyword, tag, category, date, author and any custom field at the same time.