Is joomla alive?

Downloaded more than 50 million times, Joomla has become one of the most used CMS in the last 6 years. It is currently the second most popular CMS solution after WordPress. Joomla started with an excellent startup, becoming the best choice for many developers in the CMS space. Although there are many other open source CMS platforms, owners of commercial websites chose Joomla.

Its distinctive benefits and advanced capabilities made it one of the top 3 CMS. I'll probably suggest Joomla unless there's an overwhelming reason, since I can reuse much of the framework and NOT write my own custom. According to Sucuri data, Joomla sites seem to experience a higher number of hacked sites compared to their market share. That said, I understand why so many people use WordPress even though I almost always try to use Joomla.

There is a common belief that Joomla is not beginner-friendly and difficult to learn compared to other CMS. The strength of Joomla is also that it cleanly and clearly separates the content from the functionality of the design. To that end, I still feel that Joomla is a real CMS and WordPress is a more functional WYSIWYG creation tool. To be fair, I've been using Joomla for a long time and I was using it long before WordPress was able to do the things I've used Joomla for.

Joomla is the second largest CMS, with a strong code base and an immensely useful support community. While Joomla is still in second place and won't be gone any time soon, there is something to be said for choosing a growing content management system when you look to the future. Joomla includes features such as page caching, RSS feeds, blogs, search, and support for language internationalization. Joomla extensions are generally more isolated from each other and the user experience can be frustrating at first.

In addition to online interactions, the Joomla community is also alive and strong thanks to more than 180 user groups in different cities around the world. I can honestly understand why random people who don't know anything about Joomla completely reject it because the templates that were created for Joomla for some reason just don't look so good and they all follow the same look. It is a concern for Joomla to think carefully, since a single outcome can lead many to draw a misinformed conclusion. Despite the fact that WordPress has a substantial advantage over Joomla in the world of e-commerce, the latter also offers some excellent solutions in this area, including many extensions and templates for this purpose.